Sunday night, when Maia - my daughter and my hubby - Dennis sent me off in the port ( we call it Pier), we passed by Estrella Hotel where we had a memory of Robin.

We were talking about how we (Maia, Robin and I) experienced waiting for Dennis while pushing the pickup out in the rain. It happened years ago, but every time we passed by that hotel, my heart gets crushed because it was the time that we were so down emotionally, physically, and even financially.  Despite all that, we were still happy because we had each other.

I then reminded Maia not to forget all the memories she had with Robin because she will be the one to tell us stories when we grow old. I got teary eyed when I spoke to her and she was just nodding.

Today, I just got back from Cebu City from my monthly infusion of Belimumab in Chong Hua Hospital and  found something on my table when I was about to do my transcription. I read it and was really touched of how Maia wrote this and knew her thoughts about how she understands our situation.

I really thank the Lord for her and I really pray for her success, happiness, and always experience  God's great love for her. I hope she will really continue what we are starting now and I will always be proud of her.

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