This is my daughter ROBIN FAITH F. MEDRANO. She should be 8 years old now.  She went to heaven due to cardiomyopathy ( Her birthday will be on August 31 and I really want to organize a fun run "RUN FOR THE HEART" to raise funds in putting up my dream: ROBIN FAITH'S HEART FOUNDATION. I want this then to be conducted annually, during her birthday.

My aim or me, my hubby (Dennis) and daughter's (Maia) aim is to help children first and foremost in our own city, Cagayan de Oro (Philippines) because a number of children here in our place have heart problems too and this has been our dream even when Robin was still alive.  We have felt how it is to be helpless financially and emotionally.  

Despite Robin's absence, we feel that we are showing that we love and miss her by helping in one way or another kids who are also suffering from cardiac problems. Though I know that as a mother, my heart would really crush to see these children, but it would really be soooo fulfilling to be able to realize this goal of ours.

You can Google Robin Faith Medrano and you will find links to her Facebook fan page, Youtube videos, Wordpress.


April 15, 2010

I am soooo happy! I just had an amazing exchange of emails with Coach Rio from  I thought it would take days for him to reply and you bet! It was just a matter of minutes. I emailed him of my intentions to organize a fun run "Run for the Heart" here in Cagayan de Oro City and I can't believe that he will be helping us. Wow! double wow! triple wow! I am so excited. This is so much of a dream come true! 

Yesterday, I went to Salon de Rose and grabbed a copy of the Entrepreneur magazine of which I was eyeing on buying last March but wasn't able to while waiting for my turn. It was there that the story of Coach Rio inspired me and pushed me to pursue my dream of organizing a fun run on Robin Faith's birthday.

I then emailed him earlier this morning while browsing through his website. He is such an inspiration and he said that he will be supporting us. Am I reading my emails right? Coach Rio, he himself...wants to meet up after his Boston run? I can't believe this.  We are mere citizens here in the Philippines and yet, he responded to our request.  And the best of all!! He wouldn't demand for any fees...Is God great or what? He just laid things into place. Just a racing, thumping, beating, leap for joy, fly me to the moon feeling right now....

July 26, 2010

Uhmm...things are getting gloomy for the fun run but I still have high hopes. I will finish doing my transcription today and will find ways on how to organize a simple fun run for a start by now. Coach Rio's last email to me was about finding funds for the event. I don't mind having a simple one though. Nevertheless, I want to pursue and with God, nothing is impossible. We would have to move the dates from August 31 which is a Tuesday to August 29 which is a Sunday and incidentally, my sister's birthday. Dear Robin, would you like this date for the Run for the Heart? I hope so....

August 23, 2010

Well, I think this is not our moment yet for a fun run. August 31 is near and no trace of Coach Rio's email.  Nevertheless, we will still pursue and have a family activity by giving food to the kids in NMMC who have heart problems.  We will be scheduling Saturday to visit there and ask permission.

August 27, 2010

Last night, we went to NMMC's Annex 3 or  its Intensive Care Unit and spoke to the nurse in-charge and we were able to meet the kids and adults with heart problems. I felt good to be there and interact with these kids. There were 3 kids admitted and 9 adults.  Me and my hubby took note of what medicines they were taking and almost brought tears to my eyes because those were the same medications Robin Faith was maintaining.

I would also like to note that the Purple Heart's Club of Metrobank Cagayan de Oro will be assisting us in giving medicines.  Our family will take care of the food and we will be distributing them on August 31 which is a Tuesday.

The Lord works in mysterious ways!  Actually, we did not ask or said anything about our plan. It was the leave letter of my hubby to his boss that led him to ask my hubby if the Purple Heart's Club could join our family in the gift giving we were planning.

His leave of absence for Aug. 31 wasn't supposed to be approved and their office demanded a letter since it was from a long holiday and banking will be so busy. His boss read the letter and was maybe moved by the intention of our family to be celebrating Robin Faith's supposedly 8th birthday. Instead of celebrating it at Greenhills Memorial Park, it would really be so rewarding to spend a little of what we can to indigent patients with heart problems.  Am excited to post pictures already.  Just wasn't able to bring one last night.

August 31, 2010
It's Robin's 8th Birthday - Happy Birthday my love! We started celebrating her birthday by attending the 6 am mass in Pueblo de Oro.  After that, we then went to fetch Mama Gloria in Patag and proceeded to Greenhills.
After visiting Robin, we went to SM to buy food, balloons, giveaways for kids in NMMC.

We then proceeded to NMMC which made Robin Faith's best birthday ever so memorable...for us and the people who were present there, fulfilling our dream as a family to reach out to others in spite of us not being financially rich and having problems of our own.
Her name is Hafsa.  A cute little Muslim girl who is recovering from her surgery due to abscess in her head with cardiac problems as the main problem.  Despite the sickness, we can see the fighter in her and she still smiles and giggles with her cyanotic state.  She is 4 years old and just like Robin, so full of life despite suffering from heart problems.

Metrobank Cagayan de Oro's Purple Hearts Club also contributed for the medicines which made so much of an impact and strong importance to our cause of helping out in celebration of Robin's birthday.

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