Polymer Clay Envelope Sealer

Gold Polymer Clay Envelope Sealer
Event: Wedding
Theme: Lord of the Rings
Size: 1.25" (diameter) 


Baptismal Giveaways June 3, 2017

Made ref magnets for the Christening of Zeus. Welcome to the Christian world Zeus Vincent!

Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Advance happy Christmas to everyone!

I had a very productive day yesterday. Our house was already due for Christmas decorating and hubby is pestering for it since last week.

Since my daughter Robin went to heaven (2006), Christmas has been terribly difficult to celebrate. 

My mom has been the only one  encouraging us to light up our home. Last year was great since she was here. But now that she is out of the country, I am left to be the mom of the house.

Yesterday, after brewing me some coffee, my crafty mind started pushing me to create something. 

This time, I have to create something which I can finish at the end of the day since I am conducting a polymer clay workshop the following day. 

I then thought to myself, "Why dont I share a tutorial of what I will be making?" 

I decided to make a Christmas wreath, making use of all the craft materials around me.

I hope this will be very helpful to everyone out there who is looking forward to create their own Christmas decorations. Please share your crafty experience in the comment below :)

Old book pages rolled into cones

Made a base out of illustration board and drew a circle on it. Placed a red ribbon to be used for hanging when the wreath is done.

Following the circle, taped the cones around it. I also made cones out of the red mesh (sinamay) to be it's second layer. 

To secure the mesh, use a glue gun.

Made small rolls of felt paper and small cones of a glittery pink gift wrapper

 Placed a small gold Christmas ball as its center piece.

Please comment below if I was helpful hehe! Thanks and have an awesome day everyone!!! 

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