Wee!! Am so happy...We just had our 2nd Polymer Clay Craft Workshop and they enjoyed it. We held it at Balyahay Garden Cafe (Hayes - Corrales St., Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines) due to power interruption and it went all great! My students had fun for sure and had their money's worth.

This was my high school classmate's place (thanks to Melon Tugas and Grace her wifey of course who prepared the yummiest snack ever!) and their kids, Leucas 7 and Caleil 8 enjoyed it too.  This time, I had Albert, Pebbles, Maia, Gela, Leucas, and Caleil as my students. My cousin Meg was also there to help me out again.

We made more stuff than the first workshop and I was just contented that they had so much fun with awe and excitement. Leucas can't take his eyes off the oven, waiting for the clays to be baked and ready for glazing. This is the only thing that contents me - making other people happy!

"Nothing is impossible as long as you put your heart into it" - Jesus Christ to Carla  : >


che dc said...

wow...great stuff...great job you have there Carl...wish for a time for your class...interesting...Congratulations dear!!!...more power and more luck...may GOD abide with you always...take care...want to comment in your Robin's corner...good job there's a great way of reaching out to kids...for sure Robin is so happy right now...:)

carla said...

thanks che ha! :)

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