GOODIE BOX CRAFTS is rank #1 in Google search

I tried searching for my own blog in Google and found it right there and then on the very first page and the first five entries of it is mine. Oh so proud momma I've become.

At least something came out of the research and so much stuff that I have done to get this rank. I have so much more to improve especially my blog and I will pursue. I enjoy blogging and this is one avenue where I can share and learn a lot from others.

With the goal of having confidence to own a domain and maintain it might be a tough one but again, I will pursue. Research is the key and people with sites and insights around here are your greatest source of resources.

Creating crafts will never be missed out with blogging since I believe this will go hand in hand. It is true though of what blogging gurus said out there that in creating a blog, hard work, research, experimentation, and most of all, not thinking so much of the income part because it blocks your passion of truly showing the essence of your blog. Though we need to feed ourselves, I know it will be compensating in the near future, just like 6-figure income earning blog masters out there.

Blogging is like creating crafts as a hobby. A person works on a project from the heart and not for the money. The best part of it is that the outcome or result of that craftsmanship will simply show how the creator or artist wants it to be.

Interpretation of the art - there are two sides of the coin then. Some viewers might see it as not appealing to them, but some would view it as something beautiful and nice to them. This is what I have experienced with blog hopping. There are sites which I think are awesome and I know is created by the heart and there are sites which I think are still created by the heart or with dedication, but I don't find it appealing.

I believe that as long as there is that passion, drive, love, enthusiasm, and purpose within you as either a painter, musician, doctor, lawyer, economist, blogger, or even a home maker, you will reap a bountiful harvest. You might not see its results as immediate as you can, but in the end, your "end of the rainbow" pot of gold will be in sight.


Simplegirl said...

Congratulations on that. How did you do it? I am following your blog.

goodiebox said...

Hi, thanks for appreciating. Your blog and crafts are so lovely. I will share one of these days some details, but note that I am not a problogger heheh!. I will just share what I've learned and done so far.:)

Seymour6 said...

Thanks for following my blog... following you back!

bonni said...

Found your blog on Blogfrog and am now following you! Would love for you to visit my blog too!!

Isis said...

Congratulations! Your blog is great, really owning your own domain is not that much different, go for it! Thanks for following, and now I'm following you back!

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