You might wonder how I do my polymer craft personally.  To help you out, I would like to share from my own personal “addicting” experience in making such clay creations.

When I feel like creating such crafts, whether it be for earrings, bracelets, necklace, rings, ref magnets, charms for key chain, I almost often think of an INSPIRATION or maybe a THEME.  It would be something that makes me feel light, happy, and wonderful.  What I do if no picture comes to my mind is I go over my magazines and books.  I have a bunch of them from Book Sale which I got for a very cheap price (I sometimes spend most of my time at Book Sale as my past time).

If magazines and books are not enough for me, I surf through the internet.  There are so many stuffs that I can find there.  Polymer Clay Central is a nice site to go to since I can find lots of projects there, but I do not copy exactly.  I would just get an idea or overall view of what to make, how to make it and then I do my own stuff.

For me, I feel that I am respecting the artist who created their craft if I am not copying exactly what they have posted for example in Etsy.  My color of choice is sometimes different and since I love all shades of purple, as a clay artist doing business, I am learning to appreciate other colors and create stuffs that are not in my niche ( which is purple :)).

After having something in mind already, I prepare my materials.  Well, the immediate things I would have handy with me is my cutting board, assorted clay colors, my flexible cutter, acrylic roller, and my ever so loved – Amaco pasta machine from my sis in Canada.  Although I can create stuffs without having the pasta machine before - now, I can't live without it since it makes me work faster.

While creating my stuff, I like to view the picture or colors that inspired me to do the art, so I often have my magazines or books open while doing my craft, and if on the internet, I have it viewed until I am done.

This way, it doesn’t break the momentum of my wanting to create such art and continually inspires, amazes, and makes me enjoy what I am doing more.

If it is just in my mind, the inspiration often starts with simple things and then it just builds up where I end up having so many stuffs to create.

I also am fond of reading blogs of clay artists and reading through their experiences also inspires me.

I have started with jewelry making and even attended a workshop in Cebu City for Basic Jewelry Making.  I thought and felt that every stuff that we create comes first an inspiration.

Doing polymer clay craft for me is a step higher that really satisfied my hunger for creating crafts.  It is very flexible and helps me mold whatever shape and size I want.

This is a sort of therapy for me and definitely makes me live a stress-free life while doing business too!

When I am lost of inspiration or nothing comes to mind, my business then would take its place, so I can still create stuff with my clays through the customized orders that are being placed by my friends and people who also loved my creations, and find them nice, cute, and lovely!


Big Mama said...

Love the Crafts! I am following!

pickmetotebeg said...

nice i like...
ur so creative!

Dita said...

Lovely creations!I might try at home.^^

pickmetotebeg said...

cool and nice...

ur so creative!
love the flower that u made

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