Had fun teaching kids how to make this unique origami shirt with necktie for Father's Day. I hope their fathers loved it as we enjoyed making them the day before Father's Day (June 16, 2012).

Loving different textures and colors of paper, I chose handmade paper to use instead of scrapbook papers or stationery.  I then provided the girls with lots of glitter glues, art scissors, sequins, even nail art materials to glue on their creation.

Creating the plain old flip open rectangular or square shaped card nowadays sometimes has a classic or 'the usual' feel to a greeting card idea. Why not create something awe-inspiring to give, right? (Not unless you have attempted to give your father something like this before) :)

All the girls made it the first time and I was so glad that they were excited in making it, dabbing their creativity by designing the note cards and the necktie shirt itself.

Of course, my daughter Maia was there to join in the activity.

It was oh so fun and everybody is now looking forward to another fun and exciting crafts workshop with me. God Bless you kids...I mean, girls...:)


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Irvin Cg said...

I really enjoy reading your post... everyday I visit your blog since you are already in my blog list. Can you add me to your link too? Thank you so much.. my blog is


Jeannie said...

I loved these little creations. The shirts are so cute. I am Sure the fathers enjoyed them.

goodieboxcrafts said...

@irvin - thanks so much visiting. Yes, will visit your site too....:)

@jeannie - thank you so much for appreciating...:)

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