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Goodie Box Crafts & Accessories joins "Mindanao One." This is a trade expo showcasing Mindanao Island's Abundance. October 14- 17, 2011 at the World Trade Center, Metro Manila, Philippines. Feedback? Well, it's our 3rd day and yet, buyers and walk-ins are very minimal (literally, minimal). This will be an unforgettable first time out of town exhibitor experience for me. The World Trade Center here in the Philippines has been well known for its ability to create opportunities for entrepreneurs to flourish and build business partnerships. For now, I don't see any opportunity for me. A lot of exhibitors here are grumbling for this reason and now questioning the organizer's capacity to market such trade expo. In fairness to the Mindanao Trade Expo Foundation, Inc - the organizers of this event - it takes a whole bunch of funds just to rent the place, logistics, preparations, paper works, and all of the itsy-bitsy details to successfully put up such big event. In the exhibitors' perspective though, we ( and not just me) felt that buyers were not informed and less media mileage perhaps is also one of the reason. My supplier/friend even told me that traffic jam occurs outside the venue during exhibits like this, but not this time. Exhibitors were buying from co-exhibitors and never expected an event which is supposed to be Big and an opportunity for Mindanao to showcase their bounty. Some exhibitors had their fair sale during the opening but felt that it wasn't enough. Opening days should even leave out 50% of the stocks that they brought, leaving the rest of the 50% to sell in the next 3 days. Time, effort, and money should always occur in the minds of the organizers because if they say it's not easy for them, so much more for exhibitors. This might not be our last but another lesson learned: ALWAYS CHECK THE BACKGROUND OR PREVIOUS ACTIVITIES OF THE ORGANIZERS BEFORE HITTING EVEN THE WORLD TRADE CENTER OF THE PHILIPPINES. We are just trying to enjoy our stay here in Manila, but at the back of our entrepreneurial minds, we are so sad and sorry for the organizers for their upcoming evaluation sheets that exhibitors will paint as "X"


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