Lessons I've learned as a Trade Exhibitor during the ALPHA PHI OMEGA BIENNIAL CONVENTION 2011

Last May 26 - 29, 2011 was the Alpha Phi Omega Biennial Convention which was held here in our City of Golden Friendship, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.

Goodie Box Crafts & Accessories had a table top exhibit and I really thought it was not a good decision for me to join their exhibit. The first day gave us very little sales and prayed that it will be the opposite in the next three more days to come.

Well, the Lord heard us and strategized a bit to achieve breakeven or even at least an income at that. I was happy of the outcome and learned so many things along the way. Joining trade exhibits also has its ups and downs and this was our second test run in joining trade exhibits in a convention.

Lessons I have learned:
1. Know the people who will be attending the convention - APO community were mostly men but in the last 2 days of the convention, young women and APO moms increased in number. Still, dominated the convention as we see it.
2. Know what other exhibitors are selling.
3. Attend exhibitor's briefing so that your needs will be met like electricity in the venue since I am using an oven toaster.
4. Proper location in the trade exhibit venue - 'location, location, location' still applies here, just like having your own shop somewhere, where there should be high magnitude of traffic so that your products will be seen.
5. Proper lighting - our location was okay, but had really poor lighting. We were selling small accessories, so we brought lamps with us in the 2nd day of the exhibit. It did work. Yellow lamp of my tita was effective in drawing more customers.
6. Manpower is also crucial - to accommodate customers with a convention that is attended by more or less 5,000 delegates.
7. Not just sit and wait but call out to customers.
8. Fraternity/Sorority convention delegates loves to buy #1-souvenir shirts, #2-souvenir items like mugs, button pins, key chains, ref magnets, stickers, and anything that has their seal, coat of arms in it.
9. Keep watch of undisciplined, not so good, abusive customers.
10. Smile though your heart is aching :)

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cagayan de oro people said...

APO is a fraternity right? I do not know that there are also female members of this group? Anyway, the exhibition is something interesting. Thanks for sharing this post.

goodiebox said...

Hi, as far as I know, it's a fraternity and sorority...heheheh! not so familiar though...thanks for visiting :)

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