Did another workshop to regular employees of Red Ribbon Bakeshop here in Cagayan de Oro City.

At first, I felt that they weren't that interested since I understand the company is paying for their  workshop. It was challenging for me since these are busy workers and maybe - at the back of my mind - had no time for doing crafts like me, but I know that there are creative minds among this flock.

 When we started holding the clays, their faces looked different.  They became curious and in awe of what they were holding, molding, and stretching.

And when they made their first pieces, I was so glad their mood started to change. They were starting to enjoy what they were doing. This was really very different from the usual day-to-day, "routinary" job that they had. I think this also served as a "destressor" for them.

Just so relieved that at the end of the workshop, they were so happy with their work and loved what they did.  The very important indicator for the success of my workshop are those happy faces.

Thanks so much Red Ribbon Cagayan de Oro City. :)

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cagayan de oro jobs said...

Wow, did they do all that? The designs are cute. I wish I could join workshop like this. It is really interesting especially that it is facilitated by a trusted company-Red Ribbon.

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