Every time I see pictures of kids who are sick, I am very much moved.  There is this sudden connection that I can relate with how the parents are truly feeling. Maybe it's because of my experience with my daughter Robin Faith. It's not easy and literally, you tend to reach in the borderline of getting confused if you are making the right or wrong decisions for your child, just to survive.

I just got a group private message in Facebook of thanks from a mom with a kid suffering from biliary atresia and is celebrating his 7th birthday on September 23. I created a button for him so you can read his story. I just pray that you will have that time :).  Anyway, this is my gift for him even though we don't know each other personally, but that experience of pain is definitely the same as I have experienced with Robin Faith.  Happy Birthday Jan and continue that faith to live! I also congratulate his parents for being strong in spite of everything. Please click this button below and share with your friends.  Have a blessed day ahead!


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